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Virtual Office

Official address for companies headquarters

Through the Virtual Office services of the Rocket Hub it is possible to establish official addresses for companies' Headquarters or companies' Branches without actually operating in the spaces of the Rocket Hub.

Domiciliation of addresses for companies

Work efficiently from home, with less worries or high costs. 

Rocket HUB offers a Virtual Office solution to make back-office work easy to manage. The new Remote Pack now allows the use of meeting  spaces to meet with your team or clients whenever necessary and with health precautions:

Rocket Hub's meeting room

Solutions and plans for Remote work

Spaces and plans suitable for the new working models that allow to practice distancing routines between teams

Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces for weekly or monthly team meetings

Virtual Office Plans

Work from home while giving your business a prestigious address

Safety Measures

Find out about all the distancing and hygiene measures adopted

Call Center

Rocket HUB Virtual Office:

Why the Rocket HUB

  • The address you need tor prestige and credibility for your business in Lisbon;

  • Avoids investment in a physical space;

  • Important to create business credit;

  • Use of our meeting rooms to receive customers or partners when needed. No need to use the comforts of home or public spaces

Home office

  • Our team is prepared to assist and manage all the inclusions of the memberships so that you are focused on business productivity;

  • It allows professionals to be able to work completely independent from a traditional office and stay at home;


  • Cost reduction;

  • Ease of management in remote work;

  • Accredited address

  • It contributes to the work to flow in a natural way;

  • Enables contact with customers from a recognized address and with competitive advantage;

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